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Breaking your own glass ceiling

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When you shatter your own glass ceiling!

This has been my deep conscious phrase that has kept me strong when everything was broken around me. My own personal ‘rebelution’ occurred when I walked away from my abusive relationship. I stood there trembling, bruised, penniless, homeless and pregnant. I broke my glass ceiling, I stood in my fragile self worth and bundled myself into my friends car to sleep on her sofa for the next 4 months. I was annihilating the woman who had lived with her fears and pain as her comfort blanket. I chose freedom. Pushed back the self-imposed limitations, and living in other people’s desires or expectation of me. I threw on the mantle of liberation because my soul purpose was to bring my whole self to the table.

When the shatter point comes, you walk straight through it. It didn’t break you it made you.

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Becoming YOU is your purpose

In time this would become my mantra. As I found myself fuelled by Sufi wisdom and poetry, with my sheikh saying ‘You’re the very purpose of your existence — THAT’s your life purpose.’

Everything gets thrown into the flames when you take your stand and live in your truth. When you’ve been called.. You’ll be tested beyond reason. Lingering self doubt and misguided thoughts fills your mind. Your heart pounds, flutters with anxiety, tearing open your ‘fear’.

Your core mission, is to listen to the whisper of your soul, let her flow through you. Remind yourself.


 You are here too

Evolve into your fullest and deepest potential

Stand in your truth

Lead your own ‘rebelution’

Be a powerful expression


You’re NOT here to

Compromise your truth

Keep yourself small as a way of being accepted

Prove your worthlessness

Ask permission for anything

Make sure everyone else is ok before yourself

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You can’t lead your ‘rebelution’ if you are seeking approval and /or fearing rejection.

You’ ll not create your legacy or live your mission, following someone else expectations or desires.

If you have been taught to keep you head down and do the work, don’t make waves, or disturb the status quo, How’s that been working out for you?

If your hopes, dreams and core desires, are pinned to someone else expectation of you. Whose life are you living?

Let’s ruffle a few feathers


Make changes in your life because you soul is demanding a new way of being. Disrupt the status quo, trust me if you are worried about those around you they’ll get over it. Become the style icon, the influencer, the leader … be who the hell you want to be.

This is your ‘purpose’ - bring your whole self to the table and do what lights you up. Don’t let anyone dim you light.

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Women who are blazing trails, shaping societies, and inspiring their tribes and elevating the voice of being a woman.

Women who are leaders, healers, activist, lovers, mothers. And, you are a woman with a mission to make a difference. Our world totally needs your power, intelligence, and compassion that as women we hold for each other.

Women ready to share their gifts, to learn and explore. Who are deeply engaged in their own and others transformation and leadership.

My answer to this calling, is to create a society of women, where you will receive daily inspirations to awaken the mystic woman within and merge her with the savvy grounded business self. With Weekly (ish) 'Let Us Rise' inspirational letters dropping into your mailbox.