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Stand In Your Truth Online

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I’ve seen some brutal behaviour online in the last few weeks, between women. It’s been saddening, disheartening and shocking. Ever heard the expression - ‘women are their own worst enemies.’ Personally, I believe we are our ‘own worst enemies,’ and it isn’t always against women. There is something about the cliques and the social dynamics of the online space that female trashing females, back biting gossiping, and the ‘righteous judgement ’ comes easy behind a phone screen – seems everything is allowed.

I was inspired to write this musing after reading a Facebook post by Lisa Johnson. Where a group of coaches decided to ‘ganged up on her’ with a coordinated personal attack, calling her a bully and try to rile everyone up saying they had ‘stood up to a bully.’ I must agree with her when she said

“Firstly, writing nasty things about someone on social media is not standing up to a bully (even if the things were true). Calling them and saying you are not happy is standing up to a bully.” - Lisa Johnson.

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The Initiated woman

I’m all about celebrating the feisty, brilliance of women. In my Initiated Woman Program I guide and mentor women to strengthen their voice, stand in their power and claim their stage.

I’m not going to focus in this musing on the demeaning mean women but more on how you and other ‘empowered women’ can support and illuminate the brilliance of other women (men) whilst standing in your own truth online. and elevate your impactful message to your audience.

If you want to know more of my ‘ Initiated Woman’ Leadership Program.

Here is a guide to some of the principles of how I believe we should show up online

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Have an opinion … but say it with grace.

Let me be very clear about this: have an opinion or don’t bother being in service to your message and mission. Of course, there are times when you won’t resonate or agree with everything online, but you have every right to raise your voice and share your opinion.

That’s coming from someone who has no qualms at sharing her opinion, even if people disagree.

But please keep it ‘classy and full of grace’

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Lies, truth and the wild side of discernment

Before you choose it, buy it, believe it, repeat it, even write it question it.

Embrace discernment (this is a lifelong practice for the online world.) Question it with your eyes wide open and your light radiating on truth.

I’m always looking for the why behind the what — what was her motivation? What made her say that? Is it love, or a fragile ego or a bit of both? When you seek the truth, you just know when someone is honest and real. Trust it! There’s integrity and reliability that’s born from a mutual sense of humanity and respect.. All communication comes from ‘connectedness and integrity.’

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Visibility nourishes your mission

Visibility is a wonderful concoction of fear, responsibility, or joy but to grow your business you need to be visible and not everyone is going to resonate with you, even like you. Flaunting your wealth, fitness regime or big-name friends doesn’t necessarily make you an empowered woman … your INTENTION does.

Ask yourself is it more parading or leading your impactful message or cause? Are you bringing your whole authentic self to the table? Let’s be more genuine with our intentions especially those we share publicly.

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Collaboration over competition

These times are calling for ‘collaboration’- As a guide and mentor to conscious entrepreneurs who desire to make a real difference. I don’t resonate to the ‘alpha competitive culture’ I prefer to teach how to leverage more of the ‘feminine culture’ in business and collaboration is one of them.

There will always be women trashing women and pulling each other down but I hang out with juicy women who inspire each other to grow and be successful. I love the human touch in business, where humanity meets profit and seeking the bigger picture. I have seen time and time again when we collaborate, we inspire greater growth and impact with the added giggles and fun along the way.

Be generous, love your community and call out bullshit when you need to!

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She Raves Society

Women who are blazing trails, shaping societies, and inspiring their tribes and elevating the voice of being a woman.

Women who are leaders, healers, activist, lovers, mothers. And, you are a woman with a mission to make a difference. Our world totally needs your power, intelligence, and compassion that as women we hold for each other.

Women ready to share their gifts, to learn and explore. Who are deeply engaged in their own and others transformation and leadership.

My answer to this calling, is to create a society of women, where you will receive daily inspirations to awaken the mystic woman within and merge her with the savvy grounded business self. With Weekly (ish) 'Let Us Rise' inspirational letters dropping into your mailbox.