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 This is how I show up In My life & business



Trust is that beautiful feeling deep within you, when you just know someone is true, honest and real. There’s integrity and reliability that’s born from a mutual sense of humanity and respect. If you like me, you're committed to using your gifts to make the world a better place. It starts with kindness, care and respect. #INTEGRITY So endeavour to do The Right Thing. Do it For Love.


 “hustle” or “flow”

We must be willing and devoted to integrating both hustle AND flow. When we integrate, we can discern what’s needed in each moment. When we integrate, we can follow a plan, while shaping it along the way. Knowing when to go within and when to pull out all the stops to make that crazy big project happen. Integrating the ‘masculine” AND “feminine” grit & grace.

Women Who Are Ambitious, Soul led, Powerful & Are Catalyst For Radical Change In The World.

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Magnetic authenticity

Conformity sucks! I wasn't made to be subtle. I dare you to let the real you emerge. Why? Because It's all about resonance + relating. Bring your whole self to the table without cliche, or copy and paste comparison. Connect with yourself and your work on a deeper soul level so your message, your voice, & your offerings are clear. Show up ‘authentically aligned’.

When you show up in your truth (yeah I know it takes courage) but being “real” is attractive, compelling, irresistible — respected.. This helps your work feel more rooted, more aligned, and in greater flow.

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Stop APOLOGISING for Your Power: Embrace it.

Take all your power back, redefine it and re-frame it and then OWN IT.

Without a doubt, we are powerful women. And I don't mean "powerful" in the sense of power-hungry. Mission-driven women who do the work consistently to remember their innate wholeness, and walk with courage.

We have a desire to serve, and an inner resolve that fuels our ability to inspire others and move mountains.

Women who leads powerfully, know who they really are

Simplify To Amplify - I will share a simple mantra Clarity Creates Simplicity. It's the simplest questions and focusing on what matters most that will illuminate the way. I'm all about RETROSPECTION, deep dive, get clear & create space to move forward. It helps you to guide your decisions, and be still long enough to find inspiration. Be really focused on your vision , it is the difference between having an idea and living it.

Creativity  -We’re all creative beings. We all have gifts to share. And the world needs it more than ever, the life-infusing, widely useful and healing kind of creativity, Creativity is exactly what we need right now, to make good stuff happen, Creation, Passion, Fire  and Big vision. Let's create LIGHT. You cannot starve our souls and expect us to thrive. You have to leave room for MAGIC


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If you’re called TO DO it, you’re up for it.

The Raves Society is a tribe and movement of women who believe the world is on the verge of a conscious evolution, transitioning from a society defined by individualism, competition, and separation, into one of inter-connectedness, collaboration and co-creation., rooted in the unification of the feminine and masculine. And it starts here!

Let's change things together!

I have an expansive, long-term vision for the She Raves Society and I know this movement will evolve and take shape as we go.

Together you will have the support that you need to tap into your highest potential, create your own reality, thrive and maximize the impact when you take action surrounded by amazing women.

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Stop giving 100% to what you don't really want? Give to what gives you joy, & focus your energy into what you really want to be doing. Do the work that needs to be done, so you can live in the world you want to live in.

Being of service, giving from your fullness, leading from your love .& leverage your light so you can give more to the world. Give because you want too, not because you feel obliged too. Remember what you have to offer someone needs, so give it.

You know that beneath the woman the world sees, there lives someone greater

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Devotion means you face your soul, you do the work ... whether you pray chant or meditate. It's the marrying of your luminous call of the soul with your reality. Living in aligned action. Grounded soul wisdom.

Inner Work: Personal reflection, self acceptance, soul expression, meditation, cultivating your relationship with self & muse.(soul)

Outer Work: Show up in the world, in your embodiment, your service, & impact. It is all devotion

Dare to disrupt the status quo

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your most powerful yes

To bring your whole self to the table, Reclaim the pieces you have lost or forgotten. Forgive yourself. Own your skills, talents & abilities. Step into wholeness.

Ready to declare your most powerful yes to your desires and move toward your dreams — with the grace, gumption, and the thrill of true presence.


I absolutely adore Instagram and you'll find me sharing what I'm up to most days @ruqayyadaville. I would love to see how you're styling your brand and growing your influence with the hashtags #sheravesarchetypes #embodyyourbrand