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Are You Ready To Become a Fiercely Devoted Woman Who Wants To lead a worthy mission, build a Savvy yet Conscious Business & Live A Fulfilled Life?

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She Raves was born from a rebellious streak

First and most importantly, thank you for being here. I appreciate you stopping by.

My decades walking the path of entrepreneurship…

Being in business is the most exciting, creative, personally rewarding journey but that is only part of the story. I had to overcome the inner struggles with my own emotions (post trauma), addicted to micro management (workaholism) and the feelings of not being good enough, in an overwhelming world of noise, choices and comparisons.

I took back control, became the leader of my own life & business, did the ‘inner work’, found more of myself in the cracks of lack and realised I wasn’t alone.

After years of coaching women I have watched, intelligent soulful and talented women, inadvertently sabotage their dreams time and time again. This is why I have devoted my life to supporting other ambitious women in finding their truth and freedom, so they can rise to the next level of leadership and create a business that works for them,


Real, fierce & leadership- I thrive working with people who are passionate about and determined to have a conscious and positive impact in this world. My conscious approach to women’s leadership & business calls us to step more fully into our role as change makers by ‘being the change.’ It requires us to choose our own path to success, do the inner work to liberate us and allow us to show up as our true selves. My invitation to you is to step into your highest potential, that reflects who you truly are and stirs your passions, which in turns deeply influences how you want to live, but most importantly serve to make our future better.

Soulful yet savvy- I know the power and excitement when you venture into your wildest dreams whether that is to live a courageous life or create services that enrich people’s lives. I love guiding women to wake up to who they are and expand their perspective to illuminate what is within, be faithful to their soul, and merge the power of intention with clear business strategy (mystic woman within, with her savvy business self) to what they’re most called to do. Evoking feelings of wholeness and a sense of belonging - love exploration, desire, adventure, success, freedom and more…


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Hi, I’m Ruqayya

I’m all about helping you grow your life & business from the inside out, stand in your sovereignty & wholeness.. By deepening your relationship with you soul, truth and courage so you both grow together — beautiful, strong, and wildly successful.

I see my gifts, expertise and resources can have the greatest impact when working with people who want to lead worthy missions or sustainable business. Here you will find inspiration and encouragement, insightful, personalised advice, and wisdom gleaned from decades of experience working with clients.


The Soul of my business

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motherhood & entrepreneurship

I felt deeply called to set out to design my own conscious path that would provide the lifestyle AND impact I desired

I had become “successful” by typical standards with my prestigious role as a business development manager, The truth is I was suffocating in exhaustion and burnout as the price of this level of “success..” My life wasn’t working anymore, and I was the only one calling the shots.

I desired to create a lifestyle where I could live and lead through my purpose and values. Work from home in my yoga pants, travel when the mood took me, freedom to manage my own schedule. But more importantly I wanted to spend more time with my daughter, creating memories (she was only 3 when I started my first business). She was my 'ULTIMATE WHY'.

It took me a few years of trial-and-error to get there, but I finally discovered a way to create a thriving business that is about much more; where I could block off a month to travel, make those school performances and paid myself what I was worth.

It was the best decision I've ever made which is why I'm deeply committed to helping you step into your power, own your calling and take action on making your dream a reality.

I Show Others How To Forge Their Own Course & Go Their Own way

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Sass, soul & the feminine

Is the “success” we’re after much deeper, sustainable, impactful, and more personal than that.

We’re living in such bizarre times. It seems so much is simultaneously crumbling while potential new worlds of are emerging which reflects what I am hearing in my personal conversations with women, who have a real desire to make a difference and to create a life or business that feels like an extension of their soul,

My own deep soul call is to be of service. I care about humanity, our world and about finding ways to cultivate change particularity around women. My soul seeks devotion and activism which are deeply embedded in my Sufism, speaking from the heart and the feminine consciousness.

I ‘m all about Rawness. Realness. & Revolutions.

For nearly 7 years I have been teaching and coaching women leaders & entrepreneurs to adopt a more conscious philosophy, and create a long-term strategy, in alignment to their values and beliefs, knowing who they are and what they stand for. Inspiring them to create a life & business that they are proud to call their own.

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What’s On My Book Shelf

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Medicine my first love


I was ambitious (still am) and before I knew it was a senior nurse manager of 3 acute medical specialities by the time I was 29. (ITU, CCU and Cardio -thoracic Surgery). I squeezed in a Health Science Degree during this career progression because I valued my own personal growth with a particular interest in psychology and leadership culture. Here’s what I learnt and now share with my community.

  • For me, leadership means believing in and respecting human dignity. It means listening, inspiring and encouraging, being attentive, and upholding a more ‘feminine culture’. 

  • How you show up for your audience - Trust is that beautiful feeling deep within you, when you just know someone is true, honest and real. There’s integrity and reliability that’s born from a mutual sense of humanity and respect. This is where I evolved my ‘ declaration of a conscious business model’

This led me into becoming a business development manager for a nursing recruitment company, negotiating contracts, writing up tenders and creating sales until I decided to jack it all in to start my first business; a Health & Safety Training Company. That was nearly 2 decades ago ... 

a strategy of desire

I started my own business. I made miraculous entrepreneurial strides as I created a path ( journey) that was richly fulfilling, hearted-centred, and a profitable business, working alongside both corporate & NHS clients. I create a business that was unquestionably me. I learnt not to drive it with a whip, but how to integrate my values & beliefs into simple business soul driven strategies, such as allowing freedom into my schedule, creating new processes that worked around lifestyle goals which enabled me to travel extensively with Salihah. I networked and built relationships with like minded women, evolved innovative projects and mostly loved serving my clients, especially those going through medical litigation.

I learnt what worked & what didn’t. I don’t believe in blueprints or one-size-fits-all business prescriptions. I found that each client, or project had it’s own individual, intrinsic working path and what worked for one didn’t work for another. (It’s the same with you) This is why I offer soulful-practical processes for building a dream business or movement. 

  • A strategy of desire - a way of liberating your personal and professional ambitions with SASS & SOUL

  • A guide to tap into your own inner resources, valued the importance of CONNECTION. Own your highly refined discernment with conscious strategy and tools, to help you dig deep and FLOURISH.

  • Just because someone has the skills doesn’t always mean they’re the best person for the job. You want someone who believes in your vision, mission, and goals. If their heart is IN IT, they’re more likely to think big picture when it comes to impact. If it isn’t, it hinders their ability for excellence.

Seduced by Design 

My training and consultancy business grew incredibly over the years and it gave me the chance to backpack around India, travelled Mexico, most of Europe and even a Florida road trip; all with my beloved daughter. But my creative entrepreneurial spirit was seduced by design. I started my next company 'Embrace Her’ jewellery collection.  I forged amazing contacts with Jaipur silver smiths, living amongst gemstones and silver, overlooking The Water Palace, designing sacred pieces of bespoke jewellery. Each piece of jewellery was infused with intention and love, each with their own story (a new collection will be birthed next year). 

women and spirituality


How to be wildly successful, means stepping into your power, strengthen your voice and lead on your own terms. I wanted to delve into a new way of leadership rather than the traditional, linear, fixed ways of thinking about career and success. I was shifting, intuitively evolving, with a desire to resonate more deeply with my wisdom and work. I began to hang out & navigated the fierce, all embracing, and inclusive ‘feminine consciousness’ and redefined my ideology of ‘success’

Cultivating Spirituality & Psychology

As a spiritual seeker, I followed the great Sufi mystics who speak of vulnerability in prayera spiritual nakedness where you expose and deepen your connection to ‘your feminine consciousness’. I leaned in and listened up - I had a ‘soul chat’. It’s where you share your feelings of shame, or unworthiness, divulge your fears but more importantly get real with your deepest desire and own your truth. With each small step, you change your life to make it feel more of an authentic reflection of you.. My authentic leadership shifted into vitalising, the juicy goodness that came most naturally to me. I started to valued intuition and inner wisdom. I prayed, and evolved my feminine practice through the deep devotional journey of the Holy Womb Chakra and had meaningful conversations with women about the ‘new ‘era of women’

A part of that journey, I slowly accepted and trusted my calling, in wanting to do work in the realm of my lifelong passions – personal and business growth, psychology, and spirituality That led me to the work I do now, that I have been so grateful to do over the past decade.I started to hold ‘ soul retreats’ and worked 1;1 with clients, to liberate their authentic leadership. My approach to women’s leadership and business weaves together: inner and outer work, mind and heart, learned knowledge and intuitive wisdom.

  • Awakening their Sufi heart’s to reveal who they truly & irresistibly are, through consciousness practices fused with psychology (I trained under a Sufi Master for nearly 5 years).

  • Asked them to reclaim and redefining how they wanted to powerfully lead, and guided them through my ‘The Initiated Woman’ program

I love hosting workshops and retreats devoted to amplifying women’s voices and embodying their authentic leadership. Calling them into greater leadership and action. Letting them know that they are ready. (The intention is to host in 2019 a sacred woman's retreat in India) Can’t wait...

Turning 50


My Health & Safety Training company evolved (as does any business) into a Medical Legal Consultancy, where I became an advocate and adviser to families going through medical litigation. But now, I've reached my 50’s - I am letting go of that beloved business which served me so well. I have started to cultivate my own quirkiness, redefining my freedom, and obverse my daughter becoming a real, feisty heart-centred warrioress of her own path. I’ve stopped sweating over the small stuff and got a better handle of my own lifestyle goals (my desire is to live in Goa during the UK's cold winter months). I am now ready to invest and nourish my future self and became a nomad entrepreneur by ‘igniting you to go out and make an impact in your own life and business’



In Praise Of


I absolutely adore Instagram and you'll find me sharing what I'm up to most days @ruqayyadaville. I would love to see how you're styling your brand and growing your influence with the hashtags #sheravesarchetypes #embodyyourbrand