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The Initiated Woman

 Ready to shatter your internal glass ceiling, lead more powerfully and take your seat at the table

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new era of women

Although life can be messy, chaotic, and unpredictable, you are stronger than you know and more powerful than you can imagine. You are a leader, - here to bring something sacred & amazing to your world.

New era of women leadership calls us to step more fully into our role as change makers by “being the change”, nurturing ourselves and our desires. It requires us to choose our freedom, create a beautiful life, do the inner work to liberate us and allow us to show up as our true selves.

This powerful transformational program, is designed to gain deep clarity, and start mapping out the foundations of a life that’s truly yours to create, and most importantly enjoy.

This is for women who are truly being called to rise into their leadership, whether it’s through building or growing an existing business, igniting their activism, or desire to lead from a place of wholeness and sovereignty, by expanding their freedom to create their own rules that serves both their life and their world.


How would your life change, if you had the freedom to shape your world to fulfil your deepest desires?

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The initiated woman

This is an invitation for women in leadership positions, entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives and women in a transition who want to gain clarity about what’s next in their life.

You’re committed to doing ‘her work’, both inner and outer. so you’re able to stand confidently in your power and sovereignty to bring your most radiant visions to life,

You’re committed to be at peace in your own skin, with your life, your relationships, & your work.

You’re committed to ‘doing work that matters’, leading with depth, devotion and making your work truly nourishing for yourself and your tribe.

You’re committed to ‘re-imagining ways of working’ and dedicate yourself to your authentic leadership, and say yes to showing up


Are you ready to embrace the wholeness of who you are without an apology and what you’re here to do.

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Changing the landscape

I believe our society is calling for us to start pushing for a greater amount of change, to create space for all of us to elevate ourselves, our families, our work places and global communities.

More soul-powered, soul infused, and soul-led,

Yet many women, are frustrated, and unclear in the how because we've only had models of leadership that hasn't include us or our strengths. Many of the women I have coached, often felt that they have had to leave an aspect of themselves behind, whether that is too fit into the prescribed culture or expectations of others.

The work we do here, is about bringing all those aspects of you to the table. Integrating your true self so you can effortlessly utilise the power within to become a wildly successful woman.

That is why, I have been devoted to actively guiding and mentoring women to strengthen their voice, stand in their power and claim their stage. Without a doubt, they’re all incredible women: that have huge hearts, a desire to serve, and an inner resolve that fuels their ability to inspire others and create change.


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It's not to late

So, If you've been taught to toe the line, keep the peace, and live by someone else's rules. Ask yourself ‘How's that been working out for you?’

May be you believe being one of many, (blending in) is more important than standing out by being yourself.

Or you don't freely express your feelings or opinions, in fear of being judge. You can't create miracles hoping for approval and fearing rejection.

What I do know is , you'll not lead your own rebelution from someone else expectations or desires, It's time to reclaim and define your own.

Are you ready to step into your highest potential, that reflects who you truly are and stirs your passions, which in turns deeply influences how you want to lead your life, business or mission


 Rise to your fullest potential, design your life based on your terms and sovereignty & truly be the change you want to see

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Make space for your future to show up

When we devote ourselves in leadership, we say yes to showing up in our lives, our work, and the world.

By embodying your leadership; you’re able to stand confidently and naturally when you speak, write or negotiate, with greater courage, depth, trust and flow.

Leading from your place of integrity, and a space to unfold your deepest desires, truth and luminosity/ Then let your soul lead the radical change, into a more soul-centred, collaborative culture

Embrace a deeper relationship with yourself as a woman, instead of suppressing your feminine qualities, let’s lead from them, with more connectedness, flexibility, inclusivity, and collaboration.

Make more powerful decisions by trusting your intuition, and gain conscious, practical skills & tools to support your journey.

Whatever you do, do it with style, creativity, enthusiasm and take every opportunity to live according to the pulse of your soul, to the power of your desires — to be FULLY ALIVE

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women like you & I are not willing to settle

We can no longer ignore the deep longing & knowing that there is MORE available to us. We will not continue to play small, diminished & believe the stories that we’re “not enough”.

Why am I living this way?
What do I truly desire?
How can I live in my fullest and authentic self?


It’s time to navigate into your own feminine world & cultivate the skills required to radiantly thrive there.

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Women peacemakers, activists, entrepreneur. The FUTURE

The Future Is Female slogan means that we must look to the Feminine Archetypes, for alternative forms of leadership. The hunger for truth and spiritual intelligence is on the rise, as we create a new culture and shape our future. More women recognises that they’re on a quest for wholeness.

As a psychology soul driven woman, I have hung out, had deep conversations about the ‘how’ the new wave of feminine leaders show up in their feminine archetypes.

How they embrace a new paradigm of 'leading from within the circle' that doesn’t require you to be “perfect” or “above” anyone else in order to lead

How women contribute to amplifying the lives of others, changing cultural perspective both in their lives, business and their activism.

How they embody and stay true to their values, living in their truth and owning their message.

The Feminine Activist Archetypes were birthed.- a more soul sync kind of leadership where you know who you are and be confident that WHO YOU ARE IS ENOUGH to stand in your sovereignty as a leader of your movement, life and business.

When you lead with soul, you experience more freedom and joy, greater ease and flow. You co-create a community of strong, trustworthy, sovereign leaders, who are generative, innovative, share responsibility and power, and define success, not just as profit but as well-being and contribution to the whole.

Outline of The program

Let's Get real

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Re-Group, Go Deep, & Dive In. - Know your shadows and illuminate your light

Theory Session- Letting go of expectations and identify with what you want to change. It's called retrospection. Here you will review your life to see what is working and what isn't.

Coaching Session- Here we will talk about your deepest desires and grandest visions, and what you feel has held you back. Then I will introduce you to my 80/20 rule (80% is about designing your life & 20% is the purifying)

Personal Mastery- Explore and unwind, detox your spirit of any worries, fears, and attachments that are preventing flow so you can create space to move forward.

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Quit betraying yourself

Women, Boundaries & Vows. - Recognition of the true impact of yourself.

Theory Session- Explore the role of healthy boundaries that allows us to love, growth and evolve without burning out, selling out, or losing ourselves in the process.

Coaching Session- Letting go go of the way you have been shaped and conditioned by the world in which you grew up. Removing the mask of social & cultural conditioning and uninspiring notions of what being a woman should be. Know what unspoken promises have you made that are restraining you? And set yourselves on your aligned path.

Personal Mastery- Becoming aware of how you hold yourself back and soften your grip on the beliefs and stories that create distortion and disconnection. Work through feelings of being “better than” or “less than”, or more or less deserving.

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Acts of rebellion, intention & clarity

What do you desire ? - Soul Panning but changing it along the way.

Theory Session- Make decisions that reflected your worth.. Learn how to stop “spinning” on decisions, find clarity in each moment and refine your focus instantly when your mind, energy and attention wanders.

Coaching Session- Your desires deserve some attention with a deeper connection with your soul’s calling. This means working with our fears and longings, in deep and meaningful ways.

Personal Mastery- Your fulfilment stems from your motive, your ultimate why. By setting your intentions, make agreements that you can keep, while remaining committed to growth and excellence. Here you will create everyday ‘acts of rebellion’ to advance your ideals in a sustainable way.

The initiated woman

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activate your feminine voice

Speaking up. Truth telling. - Courage to express yourself fully

Theory Session- Dare to tell the true story of you means you must hone-in and recognise your own truth. Knowing that ignoring or silencing your truth in order to feel accepted, or to avoid feeling uncomfortable, you’re not living up to your truest potential.. Get the tools you need to build connection, publicity and have your message heard

Coaching Session- To free your voice to speak your mind, is all about healthy self-expression, and share in as many ways as possible. This truth lives within us and needs to be expressed. It comes in the form of brilliant ideas, strong opinions and wisdom filled insights.

Personal Mastery- Declare your soul truth. To evolve and up level your success, happiness and freedom you must learn to express what you really think, your thoughts and your words matter.

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she Raves her archtyepe

Revolution of self. - Deeper alignment in how you show up.

Theory Session- Learn to step into your fullest expression of leadership. As a women today you must show up in the many facets and powerful expressions of your true self. Recognise and reclaim the aspects of yourself that you’ve judged, feared, rejected, or disowned.

Coaching Session- Dare to be who you really are. You may be loud, sexy, vulnerable, courageous, intelligent, quiet etc. If you’re living an initiated woman’s life, you’re probably all those things, — and embrace the interplay of your ‘She Raves Archetype’.

Personal Mastery- Don’t stifle your true nature - tuning-in to the core of who you are, and lead from there – letting the soul take over

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fluidity, Feminine & receptiveness

See femininity as a strength. - Feel more aligned and in-flow with your life & work

Theory Session- How the core feminine characteristics can move life and work forward — inclusivity, intuition, collaboration, fluidity & empathy Learn to integrate and live from your feminine as well as be at ease using your masculine qualities. When it's needed.

Coaching Session- Discover your feminine energy of commitment and responsibility that feels expansive (not constricting) and enriching (not overwhelming). Embodying real passion, real connection, real love. Allowing you to have better conversations and deeper connections.

Personal Mastery- .Turns on your *feminine* spiritual practices by embodying your feminine-energy, upholding and highlighting the feminine principle.

Fulfill your project and calling in the world

magnetic woman

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being VULNERABle,brave & resilient

Stay Open . Be Brave - Discover creative solutions to your challenges, and making honouring choices.

Theory Session- How can you practice and live your vulnerability and still be a strong woman? Finding resilience in challenging times, by taking the right lessons from each experience, and moving forward with a clear and open heart.

Coaching Session- Stay connected to your calling through the ups and downs of leadership by leaping into the unknown and be open to new possibilities.

Personal Mastery- Make a choice rather than a knee-jerk reaction. Learn how to work with the fears that come up around failure, being judged or criticised harshly, disappointing others or yourself, or doing it wrong

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she's whole and holy

Stand in your full power - Engagement in your personal embodiment & power ,to show up more fully

Theory Session- Learn how to harness your feminine power. The inner dynamic & magnetic principles in expression of your power and potency as a woman leader.

Coaching Session-Get in tune with your body, your magnetism, and your emotions. An initiated woman knows how to cultivate & use her feeling-power in a way that works for them.

Personal Mastery- Your own leadership calls for devotion to a sacred practice of self-reflection, ongoing inner growth, awareness and education, followed by consistent action in support of your vision . Allow yourself to be led by your inner wisdom and cyclic nature. Fully devote yourself to your art and practice by nourishing your future self that allows you to thrive and flourish

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Claim your stage

Bring something that you are passionate about into the world - Deeper recognition of the true impact of your work.

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What you will receive

9 x 60 minute group coaching sessions held on Monday every week via

9 video tutorials to take you through each weeks topics.

1 x 50 minute workshop; 'Discover your personal Feminine Activist Archetype'

A workbook to inspire and support your learning containing: self exploration exercises, writing prompts, meditations, and more 'Powerful YES' tools.

Access to a private online community where I will have weekly Q&A and give you ongoing support.



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Women who are blazing trails, shaping societies, and inspiring their tribes and elevating the voice of being a woman.

Women who are leaders, healers, activist, lovers, mothers. And, you are an woman with a mission to make a difference. Our world totally needs your power, intelligence, and compassion that as women we hold for each other.

Women ready to share their gifts, to learn and explore. Who are deeply engaged in their own and others transformation and leadership.

My answer to this calling, is to create a society of women, where you will receive daily inspirations to awaken the mystic woman within and merge her with the savvy grounded business self.


I absolutely adore Instagram and you'll find me sharing what I'm up to most days @ruqayyadaville. I would love to see how you're styling your brand and growing your influence with the hashtags #sheravesarchetypes #embodyyourbrand